Attorney Consultation Services

We provide consulting services to our colleagues who need advanced planning capacities for their clients. It is often the case that attorneys and financial professionals know what solutions their clients need, but do not possess these competencies in-house. In these cases, we can provide back office support allowing other professionals to deliver best practice solutions to their clients.  We often work with the following individuals:

Estate Planning Attorneys

The vast majority of attorneys who offer estate planning services are not tax or asset protection professionals. We regularly work with attorneys who are not comfortable referring their clients to other attorneys but do not have the needed advanced planning attorneys on staff. We can provide best practice back office solutions to allow these attorneys to seamlessly provide advanced planning solutions to their clients.  Additionally, as part of our services, we can mentor other attorneys to assist them in building their advanced planning skills.

Life Insurance Professionals

We are regularly engaged by insurance professionals to provide sophisticated insurance structures.  Additionally, we have provided pre-litigation expert services regarding advanced insurance structures.

Financial Professionals

Many investment managers, family office managers, and financial planners require a wealth transfer attorney to review their clients’ estate plans or other transactions.  We can provide review services of client estate plans and wealth transfer transactions for our financial professional colleagues.

If you have a need that is outside the scope of these areas, or if you would like to discuss our consulting services, please contact us.